Thursday, June 28, 2007


I've been really bad on updating my blog, even though a lot of things have been happening. This is to get Mom off my back, even though she already knows about all this.

In late May I had a spate of bad luck.

I over reacted to sudden breaking of all cars on I-85 by pulling the front brake too hard. This must have pulled the handlebar to the right, resulting in the bike laying down in front of me, and throwing me down on my left side. I escaped with some small but deep scrapes on my knee and foot, but my Jacket, gloves and boots were torn up.
The following week, when I was driving the Expedition through downtown, I was hit by someone that didn't stop for a stop sign, and caused me to roll over onto the drivers side.

All the money I had made from my deployment to Tyndall AFB was put into a 2003 Honda Odyssey minivan that we bought at auction in June.

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Derelys Presley said...

Thank you for updating, even if I did already know about this.