Thursday, July 19, 2007

body work

I've been wrecked for a while. I've gradually put on 20 pounds since last Thanksgiving, and when I went back over 200 and started to develop a tertiary roll, I was compelled to take action. While googling for a calorie calculator, I came across this good site. Since I have to run at least 6 miles a week, and I am going back to the pool this summer, I decided to plug in some numbers. When I swim 2000m (20 laps), about 60minutes, at lunch, I burn 4000 calories for the day. When I run 2 miles, I burn around 3700. I am forcing myself to aim for a 4000 calorie per day average, and I'm still not quite there. This is the first week I am trying this out. Hopefully this will kick start my metabolism enough to get me back down to 180 soon.

Also, in related news, I have gone back to Troy University. I will be taking some Biology and Anatomy and Physiology classes, in order to meet some prerequisites for a Physicians Assistant program that the Military Offers. Even if I decide not to do it, I will enjoy the extra Science classes that I didn't take for my Business degree.

One of the things I've found out is that when the 36 mounths of GI Bill benefits run out, I will be covered under Texas' Hazelwood act, which waives all tuition to state public Universities for up to 150 hours.

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chris said...

Ill have to check out the site since I cant seem to get down from 245-250 despite lifting weights and running 3 days a week (on a somewhat consistant basis). Youll have to let me know more about that act even though I still have about 27 months left on it.

little bro